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What's up, my friend? Welcome to Fitness with cardio!

This is Md Bonny. Better known as an exercise enthusiast and fitness writer. Who is passionate about natural living and getting fit at home.

Now I will briefly share with you my 33lbs weight loss story with walking and running. Hope you will get some learning and inspiration on your journey.

Along with how I can help you reach your fitness goals.

All right. So how did it start?

Personal Story:

Basically, I was overweight from the middle school. And until my 19, I wasn't aware or felt the need to change my shape.

I was shy along overweight. Which even makes me feel social anxiety. I was lost. So ultimately I took the decision to change my body shape and life. I started learning about weight loss, exercise, diet, fitness, and wellness.

I did try some diet and exercise a few times. I got results but the issue was that I couldn't be consistent. I felt it very hard to regular on those lifestyles. So in return, I gain even more weight. Which was crazy.

But in my mind, I was desperate to get in shape. I was looking for an easy but well-working solution.

At this time Lord Bliss and I discovered a really simple regular movement called walking 😊. I understand the value, the benefits, and the practicality it can create. Over the benefits, the most important thing I found about walking is, "Easy to do and stick in longer".

Here are two examples for you:

  • You can simply walk for 30 minutes daily but you can't run 30 minutes every day. It is the reality (from my experience).
  • If you walk 1 hour(30/2) daily with a 200-calorie deficit from your diet. You will burn 500 daily. Which will lead you lose 1 pound per week. That means 52 lbs in a year.


So how much weight do you want to lose?

Along with numerous other health and wellness benefits.

My 33lbs Weight Loss Journey:

I started learning about walking. Especially how it can help me reach my goal. I did the calculation over and over again about how much distance I have to walk for how many calories? LoL 😂.

From the beginning, walking a single mile was very tough for me. While continuing the habit for 3 months, I started walking over 5 miles daily with a weekly HIIT running session.

Believe me over 5 miles daily! It was kind of an addiction to me. Even some of the folks in my areas started to laugh about me. Also, I met with a lot of strangers. Which gives the chance to make new friends, improving social skills and mental health, ultimately.

My diet was normal. I just reduced some carbs from my meals. And fill it with quality foods (lower in calories, higher in nutrients) while eating on time. And my lifestyle was general (doing regular life on time).

I have walked for 6 months in this way. In the beginning, I wasn't very confident about my journey. Because I fail many times doing this same crap. My bodyweight was that time 198 lbs (90kg) as a 5.4" guy.

In my journey, I experienced a lot of issues. From the wrong form, overtraining, pain, injuries, walking/running shoe problems, environment, workout friends, and many more. Which was really worthy for me to become a cardio enthusiast, by the way.

My weight loss results: (6 months)

✔ 1'st Month: 2.5 kg

✔ 2'nd Month: 3.5 kg

✔ 3'rd Month: 3 kg

✔ 4'th Month: 2.5 kg

✔ 5'th Month: 2 kg

✔ 6'th Month: 1.5 kg

Total weight reduced= 15kg/ 33lbs (overall estimation).

From the last three months, I started facing plateau and lack on my lifestyle. So I added some advance walking in my routine like the brisk pace and power walking. 

Fun fact: I was very excited when I weighed, and found 3.3 lbs lost in just 15 days. It was I think in month number 3.

Now I walk every single day in the morning and afternoon. I have to say, I am enjoying good health with less body fat and toned muscle than ever before.

Not only about my weight. Walking and running also improve my mental health. They transformed my whole life. Thank you to the Almighty.

Look at my photos before and after losing 33lbs by walking and running.

Photo about losing 33lbs with walking and running

So Why Did I Create This Blog?

I improve my physical and mental health by regular walking, running, and being in a healthy lifestyle. So it is my duty to help others, who are suffering.

I designed this blog for people who are beginners in cardio space. People who are running and walking to improve their fitness and well-being.

You will get solutions for every question you have in your mind.

Thank You

Hope you get some ideas on building fitness with cardio.

One word, "Simple but require consistency".

So honored you are visiting.

If you have any questions.

No hesitate to contact me.

Good luck 💕