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What's up, my friend? Welcome to my site!

This is Saint DM Hossen. Better known as an exercise enthusiast and fitness writer. Who is passionate about natural-healthy living and getting fit at home.

I hope that my 33lbs weight loss story through walking will give you great inspiration to start or continue your fitness journey.

Let's in...

Personal Story:

Basically, I was overweight from the middle school. And until my 19, I wasn't aware or felt the need to change my shape.

I was a little shy and for that overweight, I had social anxiety issues as well. So I decided to revert to my shape, finding my real self. I started learning about weight loss, exercise, diet, and fitness.

I did try some diet and exercise for a few months. I got results but the issue was, that I couldn't be consistent. I felt it very hard for myself to regular on that lifestyle. So in return, I gain even more weight. Which was crazy.

But in my mind, I was desperate to get in shape. I was looking for an easy but well-working solution.

At this time Lord Bliss myself and I discovered walking. I found the value, the benefits, and the practicality it can create. Over the benefits, the most important thing about walking is, "Easy to do and stick".

Here are two examples for you:

  • You can simply walk for 30 minutes daily but you can't run 30 minutes every day. It is the reality (from my experience).
  • If you walk 1 hour(30/2) daily with a 200-calorie deficit from your diet. You will burn 500 daily. Which will lead you lose 1 pound per week. That means 52 lbs in a year.


So how much weight do you want to lose?

Along with numerous other health and wellness benefits.

My Walking Journey:

I started learning about walking. How it can help me reach my goal. From basic to intermediate to advanced, I learned everything that came to my table. I did the calculation over and over again about how many miles I have to walk for how many calories 😊.

At of my first time, I wasn't able to walk a single mile daily. While after continuing the habit for 3 months I started walking over 5 miles every day. I fell in love with walking. It was an addiction for me. I did walk every day in the morning and the afternoon.

I walk for 6 months in this way. From the day I started, I was very anxious and hopeless about the journey. Because I fail many times before doing this same crap. My weight was that time 198 lbs (90kg) as a 5.4" guy.

In my journey, I experienced a lot of problems. From the wrong form, overtraining, pain, injuries, walking shoe issues, environment, walking friends, and more. So without any hassle, you can call me a waking guru.

My walking weight loss results: 06 months in a row,

✔ 1'st Month: 2.5 kg

✔ 2'nd Month: 3.5 kg

✔ 3'rd Month: 3 kg

✔ 4'th Month: 2.5 kg

✔ 5'th Month: 1.5 kg

✔ 6'th Month: 1.5 kg

Total weight reduced= 15kg/ 33lbs

From the last three months, I started facing plateau and lack on my lifestyle. So I added intense forms of walking to my routine such as brisk pace, and power walking.

Now I walk every single day in the morning and afternoon. I have to say, I am enjoying a good shape with less body fat and toned muscle than ever before. While planning to lose another 5 kg!

Not only about my weight. Walking also improves my mental health and well-being. It transformed my whole life. I am really grateful to the power of walking.

Look at my photos before and after losing 33lbs by walking.

Before and after losing 33lbs by Walking

So Why Did I Create This Blog?

I did change my weight and total life through walking. So why don't I share it with others so that they can also improve their living? This blog is completely dedicated to helping you succeed with walking.

I designed this blog, especially for people who are beginners to walking. That means those who are walking to improve their fitness and wellness.

You will get solutions for every question that you have in your mind, with easy-to-understand and trusted expertise.

Topics we will cover:

  • Basics about walking
  • Walking calories burned
  • Walking for fitness and wellness
  • Essential walking tips
  • Walking injuries
  • and Cardio

Thank You

So thank you so much for visiting us.

Hope you will get all your problems solved.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly.

Thank you 🙂