Do Diamond Push Ups Work Biceps? [And Forearms + Bigger]

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Diamond push-ups are an excellent compound exercise. It targets a large group of muscles in our upper body as well as the lower body. From building bigger arms to an aesthetic leg, you can do all with this movement. But how much works do the diamond push-ups give to your biceps? And/or Is it enough for building bigger and stronger biceps?

Diamond push-ups don't work the biceps muscles primarily. Instead, our biceps, core, glutes, and legs are used as supportive muscles to perform the exercise. While it primarily works the triceps, and secondarily the shoulder and chest.

In this article, you will learn exactly which part of your biceps the diamond push-ups work, how many you should do, whether is it enough for building biceps, the best variation, and more.

So that you have remained no more questions about, "the diamond push-ups for building bigger biceps". Carry on...

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What part of the biceps do diamond push-ups work?

The biceps brachii muscle is located on the upper arm. It has two heads; the long head and the short head. These heads are called the biarticular muscles because they extend to the shoulder and elbow joints.

To build well-developed biceps, you have to train these particular muscles properly. Which in time will increase their size, strength, and endurance. But do diamond push-ups help you with that or which part of the bicep do diamond push-ups work?

Our biceps works as the supportive muscle for performing diamond push-ups. While the long head of the biceps gets more tension instead of the short head. But doing regular diamond push-ups of course increase these muscle sizes, strength, and progression (but not as like as biceps isolation exercises).

Doing diamond push-ups regularly will strengthen your biceps but not build any hopeful muscles. If you want to build your biceps bigger, then doing bicep-based exercises like curls and extensions will be best for you.

Do these exercises at least 3 times a week and give your muscles enough time to recover. Maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle. You will definitely get bigger biceps along with your other muscles.

Are diamond push-ups good for the biceps?

Push-ups are great. From head to toe, they work almost every single part of the body.

Diamond push-ups are an effective variation of pushups that target especially the triceps muscles, shoulder, and chest. While other muscles like the biceps, back, glutes and legs work as a stabilizer or squeezers.

So doing an exercise like diamond push-ups are not good for targeting the biceps but the whole body. Maybe it can build some strength and flexibility in your biceps but not as hopeful to increase its size.

For building bigger biceps you have to add isolation exercises to your routine. Such as the bicep curls, dumbbell curls, and preacher curls. Which are especially targets and build the biceps muscles.

Doing bodyweight exercises like Diamond push-ups are great for burning calories, losing fat, and general fitness.

Do diamond push-ups make your arms bigger?

Because diamond push-ups target your arm muscles like the biceps, triceps, and brachialis along with the lower body. So is it enough to build a bigger arm- what you can expect?

As you know, diamond push-ups are bodyweight exercises. You are lifting your own weight whenever you are doing a pushup. So naturally, it builds muscle, strength, flexibility, and progression (for weight lifting).

But one thing here to note is that doing a single exercise for a longer time becomes a lot easier for us. So doing diamond push-ups regularly will be the same for you.

To build muscle we have to put constant stress on the muscles we are working. So if your body weight gets easier to you in diamond push-ups, then you don't get any additional benefits from it (It is called an exercise plateau).

But if you do isolation exercises at the gym like Preacher curls or Seated bicep curls, then you can increase the weight every time a little more. Which are super beneficial in terms of building size, gaining strength, flexibility, and progression. Also, varying exercise will help your muscles not to getting overcome stress.

So experts always recommend that, if your goal is to get fit or just lose weight then do bodyweight/Cardio exercises like diamond push-ups are perfect.
Where if you want to build serious muscle then adding resistance exercise like bicep curls and dumbbell curls are the smartest decision.

So do exercises based on your fitness goal. You can take advice from your doctors or a fitness instructor to build your own workout plan, based on your fitness goal. That will be more helpful for you. 👍

How many diamond push-ups every day for building biceps?

Building a bigger bicep takes time and effort. To do that, you need a combination of regular training (according to your routine), proper rest, balanced eating, and overall healthy life leading.

So if you do diamond push-ups, how many push-ups does it take you to build a bigger biceps?

Generally speaking, the diamond push-up won't give you bigger biceps. Because its a bodyweight exercise that targets your whole body instead of the biceps. But regular practice can make your biceps more toned, flexible, and strong.

To get bigger and stronger biceps, you have to do bicep isolation exercises. Because these kinds of exercises target primarily your bicep muscle and give solid work. Which over time, makes the muscle size bigger.

Some of the best isolation exercises to target the biceps are concentration curls, standing barbell bicep curls, and standing bicep drag curls.

Do diamond push-ups work your forearms?

Diamond push-ups are very effective to target your forearm, especially because you don't need any additional weights. And the diamond or triangle handspan gives a great effort to those muscles.

Diamond push-ups work both the inner portion and the outer portions of your forearms. While bigger muscles like the brachioradialis get consistently solid work along with other muscles. So doing this exercise by following a good routine will definitely give you a bigger forearm.

But if you are serious about building a bigger forearm, then adding weights will be better. Because it gives your muscles constant stress while diamond push-ups become easier for you (after some days). Exercises like waiter wrist curls, standing behind-the-back wrist curls, and supported reverse wrist curls are best to train the forearm muscles.

Diamond push-ups vs curls, which is best for biceps?

Diamond push-ups are an advanced variation of pushUps exercises. Which targets a large group of muscles in our body. It helps to burn calories, boost metabolism and immunity, increase heart rate and respiratory function.

While bicep curl is an isolation exercise that targets biceps muscles primarily. The long head and the short head of your biceps get consistent work from the movement. Which over time increases the muscle size, flexibility, and strength.

Not only that a bigger bicep helps increase upper body strength but also eases push-pull works, upper body sports, forearm stability, and more.

So if your goal is to build bigger biceps, then doing isolation exercises like curls and extensions is best for you (as I mentioned above). 

And if you want to improve your overall fitness, burn or lose weight. Then doing diamond push-ups at least 3 times a week will be great for you.

What type of pushup is best for the biceps?

Push-up variations that target primarily the upper arm most are the best for building biceps. These kinds of exercises demand no equipment but give great work on muscles like the biceps, triceps, and brachialis.

As I told above if your goal is to build muscle or bigger biceps. Then don't do bodyweight exercises instead of resistance training. Because bodyweight exercises are good for burning calories, losing fat, or maintaining weight. While resistance training is best for size.

In the below video, you will learn exactly how to train your biceps properly by doing push-ups.

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