Do Chin Ups Work Abs? [03 Exercise to Crush Your Abs]

Chin-ups are one of the most popular exercises for young men; do you know why? Because it targets primarily the biceps as well as the Lattisimus Dorsi (our back), which always the young folks want most. If you are a regular gym goer or do a chin-up you can ask, will it also work out our abs?

A young man is doing chin-ups exercises at outdoor

Chin-up doesn't primarily work out the abs. Pulling our body weight up and down gives constant stress to the abdominal muscles during the movement. Which can strengthen the abs and even increase a little in size. Where if you are serious about building abs, then losing your body fat while doing isolation exercises will be the best option for you.

In the below article, you will learn a clear detail about whether chin-ups build the size or strength of your ab, how many you should do, should you do chin-ups to target your abs, and the top 3 exercises to work out the abs.

So keep reading, have a clear knowledge and make it work for you.

Chin-up gives you what: strong ab or six-pack ab?

Having a six-pack abdomen is the primary goal for many people even regular gym goers. Six-pack abs show when you have lower body fat but a strong physique. And to get that aesthetic figure the first thing you have to do is "lose your body fat" by following a good diet and cardio exercises. Then adding abdominal focus exercises to your routines such as Russian Twists, High Kness, and Plank will be the best work.

Chin-ups won't give you a six-pack ab because the abdominal muscles aren't its primary focus. Our abs just get stabilized for the range of motion during the movement which doesn't help as much to get packed. To really get a six-pack, you have to lower your body fat and exercise to make it more visible.

Ok, But will chin-ups strengthen your abs? Absolutely doing regular chin-ups (based on the routine) will definitely strengthen your abs because it is working as well. Chin-ups can be done with the back days or leg days, but if you want you can do them even on rest days.

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How many chin-ups should you do a day for abs?

Doing chin-ups to target your abs should not be your goal; why? [read below]. But if you do chin-ups you will get plenty of benefits to your abs such as losing belly fat, tightening the core, and making it more defined. So how much should you do to maximize those benefits?

Doing chin-ups for 2 sets of 5-10 reps at least triple a week is good for beginners. But if you can do 10 hard chin-ups at once then doing it 3 sets of 10-15 reps will be also good.

If you want to add chin-ups to your weight training then do them on back day or leg day. If you are a regular exerciser you can do more than 10 reps of each set. Adding exercises like chin-ups to strength training gives many more benefits. Like, it works on the back, so helps you with weight lifting; burns calories, and boosts your metabolism, so helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Also pulling exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups helps to improve posture, treat lower back pain and improve balance. So doing them is worth the time.

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Should you do chin-ups to target your abs?

Exercises like chin-ups primarily focus on the upper body area especially the upper back and the upper arm. Exercises are different; one exercise can target a single muscle group while another can target multiple. Though chin-ups target multiple muscles, so the abs get good stress from it.

Performing chin-ups don't primarily focus on the abs. Our abs just work as a stabilizer or supportive muscles to do the exercise. So you can't expect a very desirable result out of it but make your abs more strong and more defined than before. So do worth it?

As you already learned above, 

To make your abs strong and six pack you have to lose your extra weight/body fat and then exercises that mainly work on your abs. Exercises like High Kness, Seated in and out, and Plank are some of the best movements to target your entire abdomen [read them below].

And one thing worth remembering is that exercises aren't as important to lose weight, you have to take care of your diet (regular eating habits), for weight loss, stay fit and keep healthy. Also, dont forget to do warm-ups and stretches before and after exercises.

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Believe me, these 03 exercises will crush your abs

Almost every complex exercise targets the abs, so you don't need separate ab days. As you heard many times, abs are made in the kitchen means healthy eating and regular exercising. When it comes to losing weight or maintaining weight the diet does 90% work and exercises are 10%.

If you eat healthily you don't gain any additional weight while exercises will keep your body fit and strong including your abs (more visible).

Look at the 03 below exercises that primarily focus on the entire abs along with some other muscles.

High Knee Taps

Fitness folks are doing high kness exercises

High knee taps are a great functional exercise to target the whole abdominal area and lower body. It increases the heart rate and burns a lot of calories in a short time. So if you have extra weight you can lose that with high knees along with strengthening your core.

Correct Form

  • Stand straight with your feet
  • Move your right leg toward your torso and start running at the place
  • Do it with your other leg too
  • Run for 30 seconds, take a rest for 15 sec

Pro Tips

Do high knees for 3 sets of 15 reps throughout the day. It will be best to do this exercise along with the 2 exercises below. 

Seated In and Out

A man is showing how to do seated in and out exercise

The seated in and out is one of the most effective ab exercises. It works the lower abs, upper abs, and middle abs along with the glutes and legs. Regular seated in and out will boost your metabolism, help you improve posture, strengthen the glute and crush the abs (fat and defined).

Correct Form

  • Sit on the ground with your hands apart your shoulder
  • Move your body a little backward and your leg upward
  • Tight your core and move your legs in and out
  • Do it for 30 seconds and break for 15 sec

Pro Tips

Do the seated in and out exercise for 3 sets of 10-15 reps throughout the day with the other exercises. Don't forget to have a proper form.

Plank Knees to Elbow

Sportswoman doing planks knees to elbow exercises at home

Trust me, you will feel like dying to perform the Plank kees to elbow exercise. It is super effective for working out the whole abs, glutes, shoulder, and legs. It squeezes the whole abs with hard stress at a good range of motion and is far better than the standard plank exercise. It can also help people with lower back pain.

Correct Form

  • Get on a standard plank position
  • Move your right know toward your chest and back
  • Then left knee to the chest and back with a good range of motion
  • Do it for 30 seconds and break for 15 sec

Pro Tips

Do plank knees to elbow for 2 sets of 5 reps throughout the day with the above exercises. Have a good form and don't forget to warming up before start.

The Takeaway: Do chin-ups work abs?

Chin-ups are hard but a sweet exercise to work out your biceps, back as well as other muscles like the abs.

During chin-ups, the abdomen is not the primary focus. Our abs work as a stabilizer or supportive muscles to perform the movement.

But nothing to neglect, for the good range of motion and continuous stress the abs get solid work from it. So definitely you can expect a great benefit to your abs from regular chin-ups.

Chin-ups won't give you a six-pack core but will strengthen it. If you want a more defined core then lose body fat and do the abdominal focus exercises that I mention above in this section.

Maintaining a good diet, doing warm-ups and stretches, perfect form, and additional knowledge of exercise will help you maximize the benefits and improve your physique. So of course be careful about them, Good Luck.

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