Do Diamond Push Ups Work Triceps? [Best Triceps Pushups]

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The diamond Pushup is an excellent exercise. It will give you a whole-body workout without the requirement of any equipment. Though it primarily works on the upper body our lower body also gets great work from it. But how much work do the diamond push-ups give you to your triceps? or it will make your triceps bigger?

Diamond push works the triceps as the primary muscle. While other muscles like the anterior deltoids (shoulder), pectoralis major (chest), abdominal core, and legs get solid work from it. The diamond hand shape makes this exercise perfect to fully activate the triceps muscles. Which over time makes the triceps bigger and stronger.

In this article you will learn exactly which part of your triceps the diamond push-ups work, will it make your tricep bigger, how many you should do, Tricep Dips vs Diamond Pushup, and what push-ups are best for the triceps.

Read the article below to have a clear knowledge about it, so that you can make this work for yourself, to have a bigger triceps.

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What part of the triceps do diamond push-ups work?

Our triceps have mainly three parts; long head, medial head, and lateral head. To get a well-built tricep you have to work every one of these parts consistently. Which will not only increase your muscles' size but also strengthen them.

Diamond push-ups primarily work to the long head of your tricep, and secondarily the medial and lateral head of the triceps. Regular diamond push-ups with proper form increase the size, strength, and flexibility of these muscles. Which makes the triceps look good and more full. Exercises like dips, tricep kickbacks, and overhead presses are great to train your tricep.

As you may know, doing a single exercise for a long time can make exercise plateau. That means you will no longer gain any benefits from that particular workout because your muscles adapt and improve their condition, based on the challenge they constantly get.
So for building a well-developed and strong tricep, you have to add different exercises to your routine along with diamond push-ups. Which will give consistent stress to your triceps and build it bigger.

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Are Diamond Push-ups good for the triceps?

Diamond push-ups are an advanced variation of regular push-up exercises. Which is considered one of the best for training the triceps. In diamond push-ups, your shoulder and chest work as secondary muscles, while the triceps get the most tension out of it.

The diamond or triangle hand position put great pressure on the triceps which is more than a standard push-up and almost similar to a lightweight bench press. By the way, don't think your weight is "just ok". No, you have to lift your body weight every time you are doing a single rep of push-up, which isn't very easy.

But one thing, you don't get from diamond push-ups is the progressive overload. Progressive overload means simply you will increase weights to your exercise every day a little. Which is super beneficial in terms of building muscle, strength, progression, and balance.

So it is always recommended that if you want to grow your triceps or biceps more, make your routine with varying exercises. Such as the close grip bench press, overhead press, tricep extension, and others. Not only that will give you faster results but also reduce the risk of plateaus and injuries.

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How many diamond push-up is good for the tricep?

Doing any exercise is of course beneficial for your health. It can be diamond push-ups or anything else. But if you don't know how many sets or reps you should do, then maybe it can harm you better than it will benefit you. So of course be sure of how many reps you should do before performing any move.

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So how many diamond push-ups are good for your triceps?

For beginners doing 3 sets of 5-10 diamond push-ups every day is ok. But in time, when you will get an intermediate, you can start doing more reps like 3 sets of 10-20 daily push-ups daily.

One thing worth remembering is that for building muscle, and strength, or what you wish to do, you have to give constant pressure on the muscles you are working on, then rest. Which will increase those muscle sizes and strength absolutely.

But doing only a single exercise to do that is not a good idea. Because after a few weeks or a month, you will no longer feel any stress from that move. Because your muscle adapts to that pressure. So don't do that, design your routine with various exercises for one muscle. Which will speed up the process.

Suppose, if you want to build your triceps, then don't just add or do diamond push-ups daily but other exercises like wide push-ups, bench presses, and overhead presses. If you do train this way, you will get results fast and well than others.

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Do diamond push-ups work the triceps more than the chest?

The diamond push-ups work the triceps more than the chest and shoulders. Our chest and shoulders are works as secondary muscles to perform the movements. Which isn't mean these muscles don't get work from diamond push-ups. The fact is, they get work from diamond push-ups after the triceps.

Diamond push-ups target a large group of muscles in our body. It primarily works the upper body while our lower body works as a stabilizer. Doing regular diamond push-ups can give a great improvement in posture, abdominal core, and leg strength.

Working multiple muscle groups burn a lot of calories, improves cardiovascular health, and increases dopamine (the feel-good hormone). So it doesn't matter what you wish to get from this exercise, if you practice it constantly you will have great overall health benefits.

Which is better diamond push-ups or dips?

The diamond push-ups and the triceps dips are both great exercises for targeting the triceps. But the fact is, diamond push-ups are a compound exercise means target more muscles than just the triceps. When the dips are an isolation exercise. It primarily focuses on the triceps muscle, especially the long head and lateral head.

So which one is better or which one you should choose; dips or diamond push-ups?

It will depend on your fitness goal of which exercise you should choose. Doing regular diamond push-ups is good for overall fitness and staying healthy. While if you want to get bigger triceps (bulk), then choosing dips will be the best decision for you. Because it targets and increases the triceps, whole.

If dips are already had in your routine, then you can practice diamond push-ups on your bodyweight days or rest days. Diamond push-up is best for overall body fitness, not just a single muscle.

Are diamond push-ups better than triceps kickbacks?

Like dips, tricep kickbacks are also an isolation exercise that targets especially the tricep Brachii muscles.

It works all three heads of the triceps (long, medial, lateral head). Not only increase in size but also strengthen them. Which are really important for arm, elbow, and shoulder movements.

Having a well-developed triceps also helps to easier our daily activities and upper body sports like swimming, tennis, and volleyball.

Where the diamond push-ups target multiple muscles group along with the triceps. It improves our heart and lung function and burns a lot of calories. Doing a good number of diamond push-ups every week also boosts metabolism, helps tone, and lose weight.

So from Tricep kickbacks and diamond push; which will be better for you?

Again, It will depend on your fitness goal of which exercise is best for you. If you want to build muscle, get lean or bulk do tricep kickbacks at least 3 times a week. Or if you want to lose fat and get fit, then doing diamond push-ups will be the most suitable for you.

Also, don't forget to have a warm-up and stretches session before and after workouts. Regular warming up and stretches help prevent muscle soreness, muscle pain, aches, overuse issues, exercise plateau, and more.

A study from the National Library of Medicine found that warming-up habits before exercise sessions reduces a significant number of injury risks. Look at these great warm-ups and Stretches exercises from NHS Uk.

Which push-ups are best for the triceps?

Push-ups are one of the most popular bodyweight exercises in the world. Not because its targets almost every part of our body. But also it has numerous other variations.

Some of them are useful for abs, while others target the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and more. So which variation should you choose for the triceps?

Push-ups that target mostly the back of your arms are the best for your triceps. Because these kinds of pushups target mainly the triceps and biceps muscles. Diamond push up and Tricep push-ups are the best push-up variations for targeting the triceps muscle.

If you are a beginner and do diamond push-ups with the correct form at least 3 times a week, take proper rest, eat better and live healthily. You will definitely get a better result than you expected before. Just start doing it.

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