Do Diamond Push Ups Work Chest? [And Make It Bigger]

Young man doing diamond push ups at gym

The chest is one of the most important muscle groups in our body. Having a well-developed chest helps to make us look fuller, feel better, and stronger. Not only does that but also it has myriad other health benefits such as breathing more easily, improving posture, better flexibility, and increasing strength.

Bodyweight exercises like diamond push-ups work really well to target every area of your chest. You don't any equipment, gym cost or special environment, just you and the exercise. All set.

But the question is, Do the diamond push-ups really work your chest?

Diamond push-ups work primarily on the upper and lower part of your chest. Doing diamond push-ups with the correct form also helps target the inner chest. It also works various other muscles such as the deltoid, triceps, core, back, and legs.

Let's take a look at a little detail about, which areas of your chest the diamond push-ups work. And is it enough to build a bigger chest that will be seen out of your shirt?

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What part of the chest do diamond push-ups work?

There are three major muscles in your chest. The pectoralis major creates the upper and lower chest; the Pectoralis Minor creates the lower chest and Serratus Anterior, which is responsible for movements.

Diamond push-ups mainly target the lower chest and the upper chest on chest region. The triangle hand shape also put great pressure on the inner chest and the shoulder muscles. So overall with good form you can get your all chest muscles solid work from diamond push-ups.

Diamond push-ups are a compound exercise. So except for the chest and shoulders muscles, it also works very few muscles of the body. Such as the abdominal core, glutes, and quadriceps. These muscles work as stabilizers while performing the position.

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Do diamond push-ups work the upper chest?

The upper chest is the major part of your chest. A well-built upper chest makes you look stronger. Not only do diamond push-ups build a bigger chest but also strengthen it. Which is really appreciatable.

The triangle hand shape put great pressure and when you up and down, it gives your upper chest solid work. That helps really well to build strength and endurance in your chest. Regular diamond push-ups with proper nutrition can even increase your upper chest size.

To build a big upper chest like Superman, you have to practice more tarted exercises; such as bench press, incline bench press, and upper grip dumbbell press. As well as working your upper chest and the whole chest area, these exercises will work your whole body.

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Do diamond push-ups work the lower chest?

The lower chest is an important part of your chest. In the end, your chest is getting flown with the abdominal core. A big lower chest with a six-pack core makes an awesome scenario in your body.

Diamond push-ups give your lower chest the most effort after the anterior deltoid (shoulder muscles). Consistent push-ups make work this muscle to its limit. Which in time builds strength, size, and endurance.

A developed lower chest helps improve posture and breathing better.  Increasing the range of motion to your arm, and shoulders also contribute to the overall strength of your body.

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Do diamond push-ups work the inner Chest?

Who doesn't love the inner chest? Especially because it makes a great shape with the two parts of your chest. So without any doubt, having a well-developed inner chest will make you look awesome, and healthier from the fitness perspective.

Diamond push-ups work the inner chest as secondary muscles. While it primarily works the triceps, shoulders, and lower chest. By doing the diamond push-ups with proper form, you can work the inner part of your chest. On a consistent basis, it can help you strengthen and increase the size of the middle of your chest.

Having a great inner chest has many benefits, especially in balance and flexibility. The inner chest (pectoralis major muscles) helps the pressing and lifting movement much easier and better. So it is great.

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Will diamond push-ups every day gives you a bigger chest?

Diamond push-ups are a compound exercise that targets several muscles of our body. Our upper body works primarily by diamond push-ups while the lower body works as a stabilizer.

sportsman with a big chest

Though diamond push-ups target all three areas (Upper chest, lower chest, and inner chest) of your chest, so they will build strength and endurance. While consistent practice grows your chest muscle.

But with only diamond push-ups to build a bigger chest isn't a good idea. Because not all three parts of your chest get proper work by the push-up.

So to build a bigger chest, you have to exercise that targets all the areas of your chest. That's why you have to do other pec exercises like the bench press, reverse grip dumbbell press, and cable upper chest crossover.

These are the types of exercises that will target your upper chest, lower chest, and inner chest perfectly.

Not only exercises are important while you are trying to increase your muscle size. You have to also maintain a good diet, proper sleep, and a general lifestyle. Then your chest will start to grow bigger and better.

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How many diamond push-ups a day to build a bigger Chest?

Generally speaking, diamond push-ups are not for beginners. It will take you a great level of push-up skill to do the steps properly.

As you know, push-ups are always a great exercise for burning calories, boosting immunity-metabolism, and regular fitness. So if you practice diamond push-ups every day, along with muscle growth it will help you become much healthier.

So how many diamond push-ups should you do a day to build a bigger chest?

A strong man showing his bigger chest

To build a bigger chest you have to do 100 diamond push-ups every day with a balanced diet, proper resting, healthy living, and other workouts. Then after a week or two, you will start feeling that your chest muscles are growing bigger. Diamond push-ups with a combination of other chest exercises can give you faster results than ever before.

Now come to the main point, doing 100 diamond push-ups daily is not as easy as you might think. You have to give a great effort to do the challenge.

Look at the easy technique to do 100 diamond push-ups every day

If you are a beginner, it can take you about 4 weeks to reach 100 daily diamond push-ups. Look at the below about, how can you make this challenge is very possible and more enjoyable.

First week:

  • Do 25 push-ups every day
  • Define it in 2 sets; Morning and Afternoon
  • Don't let your challenge break
Second Week:
  • Do 50 push-ups every day
  • Define in 2 sets; Morning and Afternoon
  • You will feel pain, but don't give it up
Third Week:
  • Do 75 push-ups every day
  • Define in 3 sets; Morning-Noon-Evening
  • You don't feel too much pain, just don't give up
Fourth Week:
  • Do 100 push-ups every day
  • Define in 3 sets; Morning-Noon-Evening
  • You will have no pain, but Strength

If you use this technique to reach the 100-diamond push-up or general push-ups daily, you will feel no pain but motivation and strength. Your chest muscles as well as your shoulder, tricep, core, and leg become stronger.

So don't forget to try it yourself.

You can also help others to know about this simple method so that they can reach their goal without feeling setbacks or pain.

What type of pushup is best for the chest?

Which type of push-up is best for the chest will depend on the push-ups which target all three parts of our chest the most.

Wide arm push-up is the best push-up that targets our chest the most. All three parts of our chest get consistent and solid work by doing wide-arm push-ups. Even regular gym goer practice wide arm push-ups to get bigger and stronger chests.

Look at the video below about how to do wide-arm push-ups and their benefits in just 2 minutes.

In conclusion, I have to say, diamond push-ups work all the parts of your chest; upper, lower, and inner. It also targets muscles like the triceps and the anterior deltoid. So if you practice 100 regular diamond push-ups with a good diet, healthy lifestyle, and other workouts. You will definitely get a bigger and stronger chest.

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