Do Diamond Push Ups Make You Stronger? [And Muscular]

Diamond push-ups are an exercise that everyone can do, not only gym-goers but everyone. You can do this exercise with bodyweight exercises or weight training. No matter what you are doing with diamond push-ups they will definitely increase your strength, build muscles and get into a healthy weight. But will it make you stronger, what you can expect?

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Regular diamond push-ups with higher reps build significant strength and muscles in our body, especially in the upper body. Upper body muscles like the triceps, shoulder, and chest become stronger through diamond push-ups. Though our lower body works as supportive muscles in diamond push-ups so it strengthens and improves our lower body too.

In this article, you will learn precisely why diamond push-ups are best to increase strength, how many you should do, whether can you do them every day, whether they will build muscles, and more.

So read the article below to have a clear answer to your questions and make them work for you.

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Why is diamond push-ups best to increase strength?

Diamond push-ups are calisthenics, a form of bodyweight exercise that builds muscles and increases strength. Instead of targeting only muscles, these exercises target a lot of them. Which makes calisthenics a popular choice for fitness folks.

Diamond push-ups primarily target our triceps muscles and the upper body. While our lower body works as supportive muscles. So regular diamond push-ups improve our posture, lower back pain, and feel-good hormone, dopamine.

Doing an exercise with higher reps increase our strength, while adding weights helps to gain mass. Though diamond push-ups are bodyweight exercises, which means you can do as many reps as possible so it will increase your strength more than gain muscles.

Because it primarily targets your triceps and upper body so you will gain strength primarily in your triceps and upper body and secondarily your lower body. Along with these benefits, diamond push-ups also help to maintain a healthy weight, and improve heart and lung function, and overall physical fitness. So doing regular diamond push-ups is worth doing.

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How many diamond push-ups should you do?

Diamond push-ups are not for beginners. It takes a great pushup skill to do the movement with proper form. Because of bodyweight exercises, diamond push-ups build absolute strength in our whole body, especially the upper body and triceps muscles. So how many diamond push-ups you should do for building great strength?

Doing 3 sets of 5-10 diamond push-ups are perfect for beginner to build strength, lean mass, and muscular endurance. When you can do 30 diamond push-ups at once, you can add more reps to your sets such as 3 sets of 15-20 diamond push-ups.

If you have a particular fitness goal then doing a single exercise for a long time won't be a good idea. Yes, you can build great strength from diamond push-ups but sometimes later you don't feel any pressure do it.  Which can make exercise plateau.

To build great strength, muscle and endurance you have to put constant pressure on your muscles. Which will increase muscle size and strength.

So add related other exercises to your workout routine. Like if you are doing exercises for the biceps then don't just do curls, doing other exercises like Concentration Curls and Hammer Curls also be a good idea.

Exercises like Russian Twists, High Kness, Seated in and out and Plank are great to do with diamond push-ups.

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Can you do diamond push-ups every day?

Exercises are different such as bodyweight exercises, weight training, and balance training.

In bodyweight exercises, you don't need any equipment. Just you and your wish to exercise is enough. These exercises help burn calories, build strength, Improve cardiovascular health and manage a healthy weight.

Where weight training is best for gain mass, and building serious muscle strength. Other exercises like balance training will help you ease your regular activities like stair climbing and carrying groceries from shops.

Generally, you can do bodyweight exercises every day. Though diamond push-ups are bodyweight so you can do them too if you haven't any serious health issues like lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

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So look below for the Pros and Cons of doing diamond push-ups every day and decide.

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Pros of regular diamond push-ups:

1. Boost Metabolism:

Calisthenics movements like diamond push-ups temporarily boost our metabolic power, which burns a lot of calories at rest and increases hunger. And that plays an important role in terms of muscle building, strength gaining, and maintaining a healthy weight.

2. Strengthen Cardiovascular System:

Diamond push-ups increase our heart rate and lung function. We need more oxygen to support our body because a large group of muscles is working. Doing these kinds of cardio movements daily strengthen our heart, and lung as well as improve our overall physical condition. And that not only helps us in healthy living but prevents serious diseases like asthma, diabetes, sleep apnea, all mortality causes, and strokes.

3. Improve Immunity:

Doing regular exercises helps increase WBS or White Blood Cells in our body. Which detects and deletes diseases from our bodies. Regular exercise also releases various good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin. Which boosts our immunity, decreases all mortality causes, and provides a healthy lifestyle. Exercise also improves our sleep quality and reduces depression. So don't forget about doing regular exercises (any exercises you like for at least 150 minutes a week).

4. Build Lean Muscles:

A proverb says, "Muscles are power fats are not". Having lean muscles means lower body fat but higher muscle mass. Taking more calories without needing to cause a gain in fat where more muscles burn a lot of calories, improve strength and prevent injuries. Of course, a muscle guy is more attractive and handsome than a fat guy, so building muscles should be your goal. And diamond push-ups burn fat and build muscles. So it is worth doing.

5. Good for Wellbeing:

Think for a second, if you do regular diamond push-ups and other exercises your body fat would be lower, and muscle will be higher. Your sleep quality, immunity, overall strength, and everything will be ideal, so you will live a balanced life. Along with that if you eat a more vegetables-friendly diet then you get all the gold. So do diamond push-ups and other exercises regularly and enjoy your living. Don't forget to help others so.

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Con's of regular diamond push-ups:

1. Muscle Soreness

If you are a beginner then diamond push-ups every day can cause muscle soreness. Because advanced movements like diamond push-ups are not very easy to perform. You need to place your hand in a very narrow position for up and down. Which can give you pain, lose time, and even demotivate you to continue. So do not start doing it daily from the beginning instead do it 3 times a week, then over time increase it.

2. Exercise Plateau

Doing a single exercise over and over can use this issue. For exercise plateau, you don't get hopeful benefits from your exercises. Because our muscles adapt and improve their condition based on the challenge it constantly gets. So when you feel no pain, you can add weight to your push-ups or try other variations.

3. Lack of rest days

Though exercise releases endorphins, so it easily becomes a habit. You can do regular exercise and feel no pain,, but inside it can hurt your muscles and little muscle fibers. So experts recommend doing exercise at least 3 times a week (at least 150 min). Though you don't feel no pain but take a rest. Enjoy your rest days and you will feel better.

So should you diamond push-ups every day:

Though diamond push-ups are bodyweight exercises so doing them regularly isn't a bad thing. But if you feel very tired or muscle sore then stop doing it that day. As a beginner doing 3 sets of 5-10 diamond push-ups for 6 days a week is a smart decision.

Do diamond push-ups make your arms bigger?

As you learned above, diamond push-ups target primarily our upper body. Upper body muscles like our triceps, shoulder, and chest get the most work.

Diamond push-ups target primarily the back of our arm muscle, along with the whole arm. So doing regular diamond push-ups increase these muscle sizes, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Diamond push-ups with a combination of other exercises and a good diet and lifestyle can increase our body's overall strength and muscle sizes.

When you trying to build muscle with an exercise, form is key. Exercises with improper form don't help too much but lead to injuries. If you don't perform diamond push-ups with proper form you can face problems like muscle soreness, joint pain, strain, and even anxiety. Look at the below video about doing diamond push-ups with the correct form.

Diamond Push-ups and Future

Undoubtedly diamond push-ups are a great exercise. You don't need any equipment, gym cost, or special environment but build your muscles, and make you stronger and overall healthier.

Don't just help with that. These kinds of exercises also delay the aging process and improve mobility and balance. Which helps to prevent falls, and faints and easier our regular activities. Upper-body sports athletes also practice diamond push-ups for great performance. Diamond push-ups help a lot of sports like running, swimming, boxing and hiking.

No matter your goals, strength, or muscles. Practice diamond push-ups with other exercises like Russian Twists, Jumping Jacks, and High Knees, and you will get great Improvement in your overall strength, muscles, and physical condition.

Take proper rest, eat a balanced diet and live a stress-free life, you will definitely become stronger and healthier than ever before.

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