Do Diamond Push Ups Build Muscle? [and Increase Strength]

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Diamond push-ups primarily target our upper body while the lower body works as secondary and supportive muscles. Regular diamond pushups significantly increase strength, balance, and flexibility in our bodies. But will it build any muscle, will diamond pushup helps for muscle building?

Diamond push-ups build muscles primarily in our upper body such as the triceps, shoulder, and chest. Though our lower body works as supportive muscles, so it also strengthens and builds hopeful muscles in our lower body. Lower body muscles like our back, glutes, quadriceps, and legs get solid work from diamond push-ups.

In this article, you will learn why diamond push-ups build muscles though it's a bodyweight exercise. Are diamond pushups enough to build muscle, do you need another exercise, or what should be your lifestyle for muscle building?

Read the article below to have a clear answer to your question so that you can make it work for you.

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Diamond push-ups are bodyweight exercises

Diamond pushups are an advanced variation of pushup exercises. It is considered one of the best for building upper body muscles like the triceps, shoulder, and chest. Though it is a bodyweight exercise so along with these muscles it works the full body area. Which is a bounty for fitness folks.

To perform a diamond pushup you have to lift your own weight every time, also the diamond handshape fully activates the tricep Brachii muscles, which are super beneficial for gaining muscle mass.

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Regular diamond push-ups will significantly improve our upper body strength, though our lower body works as supportive muscles so it improves our lower body too. Lower body muscles like the back, glutes, quadriceps, and ankle also get solid work from diamond push-ups. So performing diamond pushups by following a good routine will definitely increase your muscle mass, overall strength, and flexibility to your body.

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But one thing to remember is that doing a single exercise for a long time gets a lot easier, and diamond pushups are not out of that. So after some time, you won't feel any hopeful stress in your muscles, which can make exercise plateau.

An exercise plateau means you don't get any additional benefits from that particular exercise. Because your muscle gets used by the movements. And for building muscle you have to give constant stress to your muscles, which in time with proper rest, nutrition and sleep will enhance your muscles.

That's why weighted push-ups came to the field. When you aren't feeling any pressure from diamond push-ups you should add weight to it. For adding weight to your push-ups, one thing you have to remember is that, add first lightweight and increase it over time. Where if you add too much weight to your pushups at the beginning, you can get seriously injured- Which you do want to do.

Or if you are a regular gym-goer, then adding diamond push-ups with other workouts will be a smart decision. You can practice diamond pushups on your arms day, leg day, or even rest day. Doing 3 sets of 5-10 diamond push-ups daily is a good start for beginners.

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Diamond push-ups are best for the upper body

Diamond push-ups are compound movements. It primarily works on the upper body but our lower body also gets constant pressure from it. Upper body muscles like the triceps, shoulder, and chest get the most stress, so doing regularly will definitely increase the size and strength of these muscles.

Because of working as supportive muscles our lower body also gets hopeful work. Diamond push-ups strengthen our lower body muscles, relieve back pain, work posture, and ease our regular activities.

Our body has various parts and their various activities, so doing a single exercise can't work in all these areas. To build muscles in our body we have to do exercises that target every part of it properly (following a routine). With proper rest, nutrition, and sleep this will build muscles.

So you can't build muscle from only diamond push-ups. Instead, it can help you to strengthen your upper body, especially the triceps muscles.

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You need more workouts for building muscle

You can't do a single exercise to work every muscle. There are various exercises, some of them target one muscle while others work a large group of muscles. Though diamond push-ups are bodyweight exercises so they will work our whole body instead of a single muscle.

Bodyweight exercises are not a good idea for muscle building. Either these exercises are best for burning calories, improving heart and lung function, and managing a healthy weight. Bodyweight exercises play an important role to live a regular healthy life.

For building muscles, resistance training comes first. Because these exercises target mostly a single muscle and conquer it. Which over time increases the muscle length, size, and strength. So to gain mass chose the best resistance exercise for the muscles you want to build such as curls for the biceps, and dips for the triceps.

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You have to follow a routine where you will get exercise for all of your major muscles such as your arm, leg, core, and back. On these days you will do specific area workouts, which will increase your muscle size, balance, and flexibility.

Doing exercise 03 times a week is recommended for beginners. When you will become experienced you can do more like 04 times a week. Don't ever forget or neglect your rest days. Rest days will give your body proper time to recover and make you mentally free to continue the next days.

Also, warm-ups and stretches before and after workouts are always important. These will help you prevent injuries, muscle soreness, or feeling exhausted. Regular warming up and stretches can make your workout time more enjoyable.

Lifestyle modification for muscle building

A balanced diet and healthy living are more important than the exercise itself. Because doing exercise won't give you any results if your body doesn't get proper nutrition, rest, and a healthy environment.

There are some basic things that you should consider when trying to build muscles:

  • A Good Routine. Your goals, physical condition, working schedule, etc will define your exercise time. It can be the same or different than others, and you don't have to think about what will be next. Having a workout routine will definitely save you time and make your sessions more enjoyable.
  • Which Muscles. Do you want bigger biceps, triceps, or legs? If you know what you are doing, you will feel no bored. Also learning the benefits of building that muscle will motivate you to work more.
  • Protein & Nutrition. Doing exercise burns a lot of calories. So naturally, you need proper nutrition, especially protein. Protein helps to maintain and increase our muscles. Milk, meat, eggs, and almonds are the easiest protein sources for gym-goers.
  • Proper Sleep. Doing exercise destroy our muscles. When we sleep our body works to restore them. Where if you don't proper sleep or the proper amount of nutrition, you will not build any muscle but be injured. So be very careful about that.
  • Relaxation. Relaxation means living without stress, deep breathing, and good habits. Maintaining these things will give you better and faster results, not only in muscle building but in the other part of life. Where too much stress prevents muscle gain to release the cortisol hormone, so don't do that.

Post Summary

Diamond push-ups are an effective pushup variation. It primarily works the upper body. So regular doing it increases upper body muscles like the triceps, shoulder, and chest. Where our lower body works as supportive muscles, performing diamond push-ups also strengthens our lower body.

Though it is a bodyweight exercise, so instead of building muscle mass it improves our overall health and fitness.

If you want to build muscles then doing resistance training is best. Because these exercises target primarily a single muscle, whole and hard. Which over time increases that muscle length, size, and strength. Such as Curls for the Biceps and Dips for the Triceps.

Our body has various muscles, so one exercise doesn't work for all. Also doing a single exercise for a long time doesn't work as well.  It can make exercise plateau means you don't get any hopeful benefit. So varying your routine with related other exercises. Which will give your muscles constant pressure and build muscle.

Give your muscles proper time to recover, eat better, sleep properly and live healthily. You will definitely build muscle.

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