Are Diamond Push Ups Better Than Regular? [Find What]

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Push-ups are a great bodyweight exercise for the upper body as well as the lower body. You can do them anywhere whether it is at home or the Gym. Once you master the basic push-ups, you can integrate the more advanced variations such as the diamond push-ups.

In this state, the same question must come out to all of our minds, Are diamond push-ups better than regular" or Which one should you choose?"

Diamond push-ups are better than regular ones for building bigger triceps and shoulders. Where regular or standard push-ups will develop your chest and core the most. So which push-ups you choose will depend on which muscle you want to build.

In this article, you will learn the basic overview of these two great push-ups, their health benefits, how to do them correctly, and which one should you prefer (Logically)?

Diamond Push-Ups: A Basic Overview

Diamond push-up is an advanced variation of static push-ups. Where your hands made a triangle or diamond-like shape to perform the position. The main muscles used in diamond push-ups are the triceps brachii (triceps), anterior delts (Shoulders), and pectoralis (chest).

Generally speaking, diamond push-ups are not for beginners. It takes a great level of push-up skill and physical balance to do the steps correctly. So people who don't really master the basic push-ups shouldn't try the diamond.

Also doing a lot of diamond push-ups at first is not recommended. A beginner who is progressing to the diamond push-ups should start their journey by doing just 3 sets of 10 to 15 push-ups a day.

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Health Benefits of Diamond Push Ups

Let's take a look at what you stand to gain from the Diamond Push-ups:

  • A bigger triceps. Diamond push-ups primarily target the triceps and it is considered the number one bodyweight exercise to conquer this muscle. Doing regular diamond push-ups will increase your triceps size, strength, and endurance.
  • Strong Shoulders. Along with the triceps, diamond push-ups target the anterior deltoids (shoulder muscles) and give consistent work. Which in time builds a strong and muscular shoulder. It also works on the arms.
  • Balance and Flexibility. To perform diamond push-ups you need to place your hands a diamond/triangle look under the middle of your chest, while your lower body should be straight and tight. Which gives you great practice for balance and flexibility. And also easier your daily work.
  • A Shredded figure. Diamond push-ups are a compound exercise that targets lots of muscle in our body, especially the upper. Consistent diamond push-ups with a good diet can lose your body fat and give you a ripped physique.
  • Boosting our Immunity. Exercise plays an important role in boosting our immune system. It changes antibodies and White Blood Cells (WBC) that fight diseases. Doing regular exercises like diamond push-ups strengthens our immunity, which is great news.

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Health Risks of Diamond Push Ups

There are some risks associated with diamond push-ups:

  • Not for beginners. Diamond push-ups are not for beginners. People who don't really skillful in basic push-ups can get injured in the shoulder, buttocks even neck. So if you are a beginner first aim for 70-100 basic push-ups daily, then shift to advance variations like this. 
  • Require balance and flexibility. In diamond push-ups you have to place your triangle shape hand under the middle of your chest, then up and down. Which isn't very easy to do. You need a level of physical balance and flexibility. Practicing basic push-ups or flexibility exercises can help you with that.
  • Excess is not great. You can do many reps of push-ups but you should not. Why? Because overtraining is bad. Also, you have to consider your diet, sleep quality, and overall daily living. If you don't care how much you are doing, you can get serious injuries like aches, strains, and anxiety.

Learn to Diamond Push-ups Correctly In 2 Minutes

Regular Push-Ups: A Basic Overview

The regular or standard pushup is a compound movement. Which target multiple joints and muscle groups in our body. It Primarily works on the upper body while the lower body supports the movement as a stabilizer.

Doing regular push-ups with a healthy diet can increase growth in our chest, shoulder, and pec muscles. It also strengthens the abdominal core, back, and leg muscles.

The regular push-up is completely beginner friendly. Anyone can do push-ups, it doesn't require any equipment or something. Just your body and the will to do push-ups (Enough). Doing 2 sets of 5-10 push-ups every day is recommended for beginners. While in time you can increase the sets and the number more.

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Benefits of Doing Regular Push-Ups

Though push-ups target multiple parts of our body, naturally they should have multiple health benefits. Look at some of the most common push-up benefits to motivate you for the movement.

  • Muscle and Tone. Push-ups are an effective exercise. It works hard and consistently which conquers our muscles. That in time burns fat and increases muscle size. So regular push-ups definitely build muscle and tone the skin.
  • Upper body strength. Our upper body is the primary muscle that pushup targets. It gives great work to the biceps, triceps, shoulder, and chest. Regular practicing pushups increase the strength of these muscles along with our lower body.
  • Burn calories and fat. It works a large group of muscle at once, which burns a lot of calories and increase the metabolism. Regular exercises with a high metabolic rate help to burn fat faster than ever. So you will become beneficial.
  • Balance and flexibility. As you already know, doing pushups with the correct form is not as easy. It requires great concentration to keep your body straight in a line while engaging the core and up to down. So definitely it builds balance and flexibility. Which helps to prevent falls and injuries and easier our daily work.
  • Improve athletic performance. Doing regular push-ups increase the significant amount of power in our whole body, not only the upper but also the lower. It also increases our metabolic power, immunity, adaptation, progression, and more. And that helps a lot to perform any athletic movements.

Health Risks of Regular Push-Ups

Look at some potential risks of doing push-ups:

  • Exercise Plateau. When you do an exercise regularly for a long time like pushups. It no longer makes your muscles stressed because our muscles adapt and improve based on the challenge it gets. It's called an exercise plateau. If you push up every day you will no longer feel any challenge and no benefit you will get from it. So make sure to try variations or different ones.
  • Back and more pain. To perform push-ups with good form you need great support from your back. People who don't have a good back can feel pain and other issues from it. Also, beginners without the correct form can face issues like neck pain, leg injury, and others.
  • Lack of rest days. Any exercise you do at some point, become easier. When if you do it regularly mean you are giving your muscle much effort but lack rest. That can be a cause of serious health issues like aches and pain, wrist and ankle problems, stress and anxiety, etc. So don't forget to have rest days between your workout routine.

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Which One Should You Choose?

As you learned above both diamond push-ups and regular push-ups have multiple health benefits as well as some additional health risks. So which one you should choose?

If you want to build muscle or get lean, then do diamond push-ups at least 3 times a week with other workouts, a healthy diet, and a lifestyle. Or if you want to do push-ups for general fitness, then practice just regular push-ups. When you will feel comfortable with it, then move to the diamond push-ups.


No matter which push-ups you are doing the main fact is form, regularity, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. If you practice push-ups these facts you will definitely reach your fitness goal and a dreamy body. Just don't give up, practice, practice and carry on.

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