How Many Burpees Should I Do To Lose Weight?

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Do you know burpees are the most effective fat-burning exercise after running? From your head to your toes it works every single part of your body, so you can burn the maximum calories. But how many burpees do you need to lose weight?

It will depend on your fitness goal of how many burpees you should do to lose weight. For instance, If you want to lose 1 pound a week, you have to burn 500 calories a day. To burn 500 calories with burpees you need to perform at least 1000 burpees or in time 50 minutes of burpees.

Frankly doing burpees for this amount of time is impossible. So in this article, I will talk about how you can make it possible with a combination of diet and other workouts, to maximize your weight loss. Keep reading.

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Why do burpees lose weight?

Burpee is an effective bodyweight exercise that you can do at home. To perform it needs no equipment or special environment. Though it's a cardio exercise so it will raise your heartbeat and respiration, and your body demands more oxygen to support the large group of muscles working.

Burpee is a plyometric exercise means it will give you both cardio and resistance exercise benefits at the same time. Not only it will lose your body weight (fat) but also improve your heart and lungs healthy.

Now, burning calories are important for weight loss. Simply understand, your daily calorie needs 2000 Cal, while you are eating 2500. So, where will go the extra 500 calories every day?

Our body stores the calories it doesn't need as glycogen. Glycogen has its own limit. Generally, glycogen can carry an amount of 1700 calories. After that, your body will store this extra calorie as liquid fat in Adipose (the fat cells).

So, while you are talking about weight loss. The first thing you need to understand that, how we gain weight actually. A proverb says, "If you know how the box is made, you will break it much easier than others".

Weight loss experts like Eric Berg Dc said Weight loss is 15% about doing exercise and the remaining 85% is all about the diet, and what you are eating.

Now, Insulin has an important role in weight loss. Insulin is a hormone that is released when you eat carbohydrates or simply just eat. If your Insulin levels are high, that means it will prevent you from losing weight.

So, to lose weight, you must do three things step by step. First, lower your Insulin level, then start a calorie deficit or diet, then do exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, and others. With that, you will get the best, the real result. Trust me, from my experience.

Now come to burpees. Though burpees are a combination of several activities like jumping, push-ups, and plank. So generally it will burn more calories compared to similar activities.

As an average calculation, burpees burn 10 calories per minute. If your weight, height, and body composition are bigger you can expect to burn more calories from burpees.

If you practice burpees regularly with other exercises with a good diet, then you will definitely lose weight, no doubt about that.

As you already heard, burpees give both cardio and resistance exercise benefits. So, along with weight loss, it will improve your body composition too. Becoming physically strong or building muscle through burpees should be your first choice.

Doing 100 burpees daily is a good start for people who want to lose weight. But it isn't recommended for beginners, which means if you are new to burpees. You can do either 20-30 burpees every day from the start.

Look at the result of doing 100 burpees every day for 30 days for weight loss, in the below video.

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How many calories do burpees burn per minute?

Before you learn how many calories a burpee burns, first understand what it means actually to burn calories?

Any work that makes you move burns calories. Our body always requires energy to do its work. The body requires energy in two major ways. Number one, to keep us alive or calories that need at rest, simply called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Number two, when you do any work, you move your body, so burn calories. Then your body demands energy to fill up that.

It depends on many factors that how many calories you will burn doing an activity. Such as your gender, age, and weight. For example, if you are a man you will burn more calories than me, by doing the same work. Because men generally have more muscles and body weight than women. So, how many calories will burpees burn you?

Burpees burn an average of 10 calories per minute. Doing burpees for 10 minutes will burn roughly 100 calories, doing 30 minutes will burn 300 Calories, and doing an hour of burpees will burn over 600 calories.

An average man can do 1 burpee in 3 seconds, which means 20 burpees in one minute.

Look at the chart below of how many calories burpees burn according to weight.

Weight Number of Burpees Calories
150-pound person 2010
180-pound person 2011
200-pound person2013

You can check exactly how many calories you will burn by burpees using an online calculator like this one.

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How many burpees a day should you do to lose weight?

Doing burpees are not easy for beginners. It targets almost every single part of your body so burns maximum calories. Research shows that burpees help to lower blood pressure and improve significant body composition.

So it will be great for you to practice regular burpees. But how many burpees should you do a day if you want to lose weight?

Doing 100 burpees a day is a good start for people who want to lose weight. One hundred burpees burn approximately 50 calories. Doing this amount of burpees while maintaining a calorie deficit will significantly result in weight loss and improved body composition.

Losing weight needs a calorie deficit. Experts recommend decreasing glucose and sugar levels diet-wise. Then your body will use glycogen as the primary source of energy. After glycogen it will use stored fat and slowly over time you will lose weight and fat.

You can create a calorie deficit by using a combination of diet and exercise. Only diet or only exercise can be difficult to maintain as a beginner.

For example, you can do 5 minutes or 100 burpees every day (50 Calories) and 15 minutes of running in the morning and evening, along with eating fewer amounts of organic foods. After that, you can expect a good result in your weight loss.

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Top 05 benefits of doing burpees every day

A woman doing burpees on a mat in her home

Burpee is a great aerobic exercise. Not only because it burns a large number of calories. But also it has a myriad of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and Insulin level. If you want to practice burpees for weight loss, that will be great. Besides that, you can do 15-30 regular burpees for good health and wellness.

Look at the top 05 health benefits of doing burpees every day...

1. Burpees increase feel-good-hormone

Doing cardio exercise is a great way to increase endorphins. Endorphin is the feel-good hormone that lowers your stress and makes you feel cheerful. Increasing endorphins in the body help to sharpen our thinking, speed up work and keep us feeling motivated.

Doing burpees every day will help you feel cheerful and awesome. Also, burpees increase testosterone- the male sex hormone. So, you can do 5 minutes of burpees every day to increase your endorphin level.

2. Burpees build muscles endurance

Burpees work on a large group of muscles with speed at once such as shoulders, arms, core, glutes, hamstring, and quads. All of these organs are vital for agility, mobility, and day-to-day activities.

Practicing regular burpees strengthens these organs, and builds up endurance. So they can resist, recover and be active for long periods. Building endurance is a great way to prevent trauma and the risk of serious injuries.

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3. Burpees improve body composition

Burpee is a great calisthenics exercise, a form of resistance training that uses one's own body to perform. It primarily works on the upper body, lower body, shoulder, and legs. Practicing regularly strengthens these body parts and burns fat. So you can get a good shape.

Doing 50 burpees a day is a good start for people who want to build strength and endurance with burpees.

4. Burpees target the abdominal core

Our abdomen has a large group of muscles. Strengthening these muscles is not only beneficial for getting six-pack abs. It also helps to improve posture, lowering back pain, increase testosterone, and more.

Doing burpees target the abdominal core as well as the shoulder muscles. So you can get a good posture and abdominal strength by practicing a certain amount of burpees every day.

5. Good for the upper body, posture, and legs

Burpees primarily work on the upper body, back, and legs. To do burpees you have to perform four different moves at one time. So these organs get a consistent flow of in and out. 

When you are doing squats your back gets ripped, with pushing up your leg and posture get hard work, and after plank when you are getting back your upper body gets the perfect turn. So with burpees, you can improve your upper body, posture, and leg far better than any other activity.

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Are burpees safe for you?

Burpees are super effective in burning calories and losing fat as well as improving the whole body? But how safe it is for you to lose weight? Or how much for people who want to do them for regular fitness, what do experts say?

Generally, burpees are safe for people who did 1 to 3 times exercise a week. But if you have any problems with your shoulder, back or legs you should avoid doing it. Also, women who are pregnant and people aged over 50 should avoid it.

When it comes to burpees you have to consider the number. How many burpees should you do as a beginner or an intermediate-level exerciser? Frankly speaking, burpees are not easy, it takes so much effort.

So, if you are a person who exercises at least 1 to 3 times a week, you can do 30-50 burpees every day. Or if you don't do any exercise in general, doing 10-15 burpees is recommended for you.

If you have any heart diseases, chronic pain, or such problems you should contact a doctor for more information.

Jumping jacks are a great alternative to burpees, which isn't so hard to perform but are the same as effective as burpees. You can read jumping jacks here.

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Burpees exercise plan to lose 1 pound a week

Goal: Lose 1 pound of fat a week
Plan: Doing burpees with other home exercises
Time: In the morning and afternoon
Session duration: 20-30 minutes

  • Running 15 minutes (150 Cal)
  • Jumping jacks 5 min (45 Cal)
  • Burpees 5 min (50 Cal)
  • High steeping 5 min (50 Cal)
  • Plank 30 seconds (05 Cal)
Moring calorie burn= 300 Calories

  • Running 10 minutes (100 Cal)
  • Jumping jacks 4 min (35 Cal)
  • Burpees 3 min (30 Cal)
  • High stepping 3 min (30 Cal)
  • Plank 30 seconds (05 Cal)
Afternoon calorie burn= 200 Calories

Total calories burn a day= (300+200)= 500 Cal

1 pound of body fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. So, if you burn this 500 calories a day, you will lose an overall 1 pound a week. If you double the calories burning, you can expect to lose double the amount (advance).

Don't forget to do five minutes of warming up before doing exercise and stretches after finishing the session.

The Conclusion

Man doing burpees and a woman recording that on her phone

Burpees are one of the best cardio plus resistance exercise that you can do at home. It's a combination of four different workout jumps, squats, push up, and planks. So definitely it burns more calories than others. A 150 pounds man can burn 10 calories per minute doing burpees.

Not only for burning calories but also for improving physical strength and muscle endurance. Practicing regular burpees is a great way to improve agility and mobility. Though it's a calisthenics move so regular practice can give a better body composition.

Now losing weight is not just about burpees. As you learned above you have to care about several things such as your Insulin level, eating habits, daily living, and exercise. With all of these, you can expect to lose weight fast and safely.

Doing 100 burpees a day is a good start for people who want to lose weight. If you have yet to experience doing burpees before, you can start doing just 30 burpees every day.

Now doing a single exercise for too much time can be harmful. Doing an excessive amount of burpees can make problems like dizziness, back pain, and fury stress. So do burpees with a set of other exercises. Running, cycling and jumping jacks are the best exercises to do with burpees. So try that, you will definitely get a good result.

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Dm Hossen is an Exercise Enthusiast and Fitness Writer. He helps people achieve their fitness goals with science-based research and real-life working experience. When not working you can find him reading books or doing home chores.

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