How Many Burpees a Day to Get Ripped? [Exact & Details]

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Burpees are naturally high-paced and functional. It uses bodies a lot of muscles from head to toe. Along with cardio benefits, it builds strength and endurance. So if you choose burpees to burn fat or build muscle, both are possible. But how many burpees do you need daily to get a physique that will be seen out of your shirt?

To get ripped with burpees, you need to do at least 100 burpees daily, with a well-balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and other workouts. This would require doing 10-15 minutes of burpees every day. Then slowly time, you will get the dreamy chiseled ripped body.

Generally speaking, getting ripped is more than just doing 100 burpees daily. You have to understand the precaution, facts, and steps to do it properly. Otherwise, you can harm yourself with your unknown.

So in this article, I will give you a little detail about how you can get ripped with burpees effectively but safely. Keep going.

02 things to know before getting ripped?

Everything takes time and effort in life. So does getting ripped. When you are going to make a ripped physique, the first thing you have to understand is what you are going to do. I mean it will take you to give serious effort.

Otherwise, when you feel pain, you will quit. That's how you can lose your valuable time and money.

So what should you know before getting ripped?

  • Getting ripped for any competition
  • Getting ripped to attract someone

If your goal is to participate in a bodybuilding competition or a wellness event. Then you should take it seriously. By following a flexible diet you have to do strength training and healthy living (stress-free). Which in time will give you a lean and muscular body.

Or if your goal is to attract a woman, you have to be aware too. To get a ripped and lean body, you have to give much more effort than you may think and have to spend some money. So I recommend you to think again.

It doesn't matter why you want to get ripped. But honestly and surely a ripped body will give you a great benefit in physical fitness and in mental wellness. Your confidence level will go higher and you will feel cheerful all day long ( for Endorphine rush, the feel-good hormone).

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Your holy plan to get ripped with burpees

Now you underat is the reason behind your will to get a ripped physique. So what next? To get a ripped or shredded body you have to focus on three things.

First, you have to lose your body fat. Then strength training to build solid muscles and strength. Then eat a flexible diet to keep it up on time.

Look at these three steps below, to understand them in depth and make them work for you.

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Lose your body fat

For getting a ripped body you have to reduce your body fat percentage. Excess weight or flabby belly won't let you achieve your dream. The first thing first you have to lose your body fat or body weight.

Now when it comes to losing fat, diet crushes the scene. Exercises especially cardio are great for losing fat but they are not as effective as the diet.

Even my favorite doctor and weight loss expert, Dr. Eric Berg DC said, exercise is just about 15% of the work when it comes to weight loss and the remaining 85% is all about the diet.

Nowadays there are plenty of popular diets that you can follow. But Eric Berg recommends always having Keto Diet. Because the keto diet works really well for most people, doesn't need too many requirements, and is completely safe from a health perspective. 

If you already know about keto or just heard the name, I recommend you to watch Dr. Berg's video below about the Keto diet for beginners.

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Now diet will help you most to lose body fat that doesn't mean exercise will do nothing. If you do cardio exercises like running, swimming or cycling, it will help you too. But the fact is you will get the result by late.

So if you want to lose your body fat by doing exercises, you can too. Or if you want to lose your body fat doing almost nothing I mean naturally, then please read this article, "12 easy tips to lose big weight naturally".

Now come to the next step, Strength Training.

Do strength training

There are many types of exercises. Some of them are useful to just become healthy, another used to build muscle and strength, while others improve balance and coordination.

Though you want a ripped body, you have to build lean muscle. So strength training comes first. Research shows that strength training or simply gym exercise helps build muscle the most compared to other types of exercises like cardio or balance.

You may know that the main fact about muscle gain is to work a muscle hard to its limit, then give it proper rest and nutrition. Which in time will increase the muscle gain. To do strength training, you have to attend a gym, whether it is at hooutdoorsutdoor.

Strength exercises like push-ups, squats, burpees, deadlifts, and bench presses are super ein building to build muscle. An interesting fact about strength training is that not only it will build muscle and strength but also increases your metabolism, growth hormone, and mental wellness. Which will inspi  you to work again.

The US Department of Health and Human Services says, "you should strength training your major muscle groups at least twice a week". Doing three times a week is also good. The main fact is, if you want to get shredded you should follow a workout schedule, where you will get proper training, recovery, and nutrition at a balance.

A gym trainer can help you the most. But if you want a workout plan to get shredded at home anyway, you can follow this workout plan.

One worth remembering thing is that, don't do overtraining to get results first. Doing excess work always can't give a fast result. Where it can delay the working process.

Remember that, warming up, cooling down, stretching, and mental wellness is important than training. itself. These are the things that will prevent injury and keep you safe to reach your goal. So don't forget to 05-minute warmup before workouts and 5 minutes stretch after the session.

If you follow these above 2 steps with the last step below, you will definitely get the best result (backed by science and my experience).

Read the final step, A Balanced Diet.

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Eat a flexible diet

Who you are?

If you think clearly, who are you? You will find that "you are nothing but what you eat". I mean really, what do we eat that we are.

It's not complicated.

First let me tell you, what is a flexible diet. In simple words, a flexible diet is an eating plan where you will get the right amount and the right portion of carbs, protein, vitamins, and nutrients foods at the right time.

However always a diet isn't responsible for weight loss or weight gain. It depends on much more factors than just the diet. Your age, profession, genetic function, hormones, and a lot of other things work to define that. But diet is responsible the most.

Now come to the flexible diet. When you will do strength training or functional exercises, your body will demand a lot of energy.

Energy doesn't mean just carbs. Carbs, fruits, vegetables, protein, minerals, water, and supplements. A whole combination of the right amount. So you have to eat a balanced diet, where you will get all of them, especially the Protein.

The Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition published an article that said, for most exercisers, eating 1.4 to 2 grams of protein per kilo weight of body weight is enough to maintain and improve muscle growth.

So be sure about your protein intake while you are trying to have a ripped/shredded body.

Of course, your gym trainer will help you to understand that. But if you want to eat a flexible diet on your own that will be worthwhile too.

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05 tips to maintain your ripped body forever

05 expert tips to maintain a ripped body forever

When you build a ripped physique that doesn't mean your work is done, it means the work is just getting started.

So what you will do to maintain your sexy ripped body that you build by following a diet, strength training, rest and recovery, and a lot of other work? Look at the top 05 tips below.

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1. Helps nerds to get shredded

Do you know, what is the best way to remember what you are reading? Yeah, right, to imagine it.

Just like imagination to remember, the best way to keep up your sexy body is to help others to achieve it. When you help nerds to get a ripped body, you will automatically or consciously follow the same rules.

Not onwill itill help the nerd but you. The best example of this thing is, fitness YouTubers or enthusiasts. Almost every fitness YouTubers use the same rule to help others or help themselves to keep fit. So try it, if it is possible.

2. Reduce the public drama to keep healthy

The world is full of drama, whether it is nationally or Internationally. We as a man have our own limits, problems, work, family, and life. With that, if you get attracted to those bad news, magazines, or such stuff. You will feel only pain and depression or nothing.

Which will affect your thoughts, personality, and lifestyle. That's how you can get distracted or feel demotivated to do regular exercises or maintain a routine life. Reduce that bad news, videos, and other stuff. Live a healthy and free life.

3. Eat smart, not hard

You don't have to cut your favorite foods from your menu to stay lean. Either you have to choose the right food and the right amount.

To keep lean in time, plan your meal high in good carbs such as whole grain, unprocessed food, bean, fruits, and green vegetables. Medium in protein such as eggs, chicken, beef, and soy, and low on good fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, nut, seed, and fish oil.

Drinks plenty of water, stay stress-free and happy, and you will definitely keep fit and well more than ever before.

4. Train at least 03 times a week

To keep fit and shredded, You have to keep your muscle in a growing mood and training is the best thing to do that.

As you already heard above, the US Department of Health and Human Services recommends doing strength at least twice a week just to keep fit. And when you want to stay shredded for a longer time, you have to train at least three times a week.

Not only do bench presses or barbell curl, but include full body exercises in your workout plan. Full-body exercises like push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and Russian twists are also great for building muscle at the gym. So try that.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours a day

Sleeping is the most important thing you should care about when it comes to building muscle or doing strength training. A proper sleep and recovery period will help you reduce your muscles and mental stress, increase your muscle gain and give your a chill.

If you don't get proper sleep or a rest period, your cortisol level will go higher. Then you feel more hungry and stressed, which can break your diet and exercise discipline.

So it is always a good idea (not only for shredded but for a healthy life) to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

I like to sleep 7 hours every day in 2 periods. Six hours relax to sleep at the night and 1 hour of fresh Nap every afternoon. It works really well for me, you can try it too.

If you follow all these tips and start living a good life, you will definitely become shredded or get a ripped body, no doubt about that. I am wishing you advanced.

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