How Many Jumping Jacks a Day to Lose Belly Fat?

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You don't need to carry any gym costs or start a fancy diet for belly fat. Doing fat-burning exercises like jumping jacks while maintaining a good diet will give you the best result. But how many jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat?

You need to have at least 55 Minutes or 2780 jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat. It will lead you to burn 500 calories a day, 3500 calories in a week, which is equal to 1 pound of body fat. You can quickly reach this goal by doing 5 sets of 11 minutes jumping jacks a day.

Read this article below for learning more about it. So that you could lose your belly fat fast and safely at home.

Do jumping jacks reduce belly fat?

Jumping jacks is a vigorous cardio exercise that reduces belly fat the most, compared to other similar activities. Jumping jacks help you burn fat fast from all over your body including your belly, because of their high intensity and the large number of calories burned. This exercise also boosts metabolism and improves muscle endurance, which speeds up weight loss.

Tip: Cardio workouts such as jumping jacks with a low-calorie diet work insanely to burn calories, get toned, and lose weight.

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Is jumping jacks good for you?

Jumping jacks is a great cardiovascular exercise that gives both cardio and resistance work at the same time. If you decide to add jumping jacks to your workout session, it will be great. But are jumping jacks for you?

When jumping jacks aren't for you...

  • Bone health problems like asteooperisis
  • Lower body, and upper body problems 
  • Head, neck, and shoulder pain
  • For women who are pregnant
  • Leg or ankle problems like an ankle sprain
  • Groin and hamstring strains, shin splints
  • After a few days of major surgeries, etc

If you are a person with any of these conditions, you should avoid doing jumping jacks or talk to your doctor for more information.

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How many calories do you burn doing jumping jacks?

Burning calories is different for people of different fitness levels. For example, a man weighing 150 lbs will burn more calories compared to him who is 120 lbs. Burning calories depends on several factors such as sex, age, weight, height, etc. Ok, but how many calories you will burn doing jumping jacks?

According to, a 150 pounds man can burn 46 calories by doing jumping jacks for five minutes. So, if you are a 150-pound man, you will burn calories like that.

You can calculate how many calories you will burn to do jumping jacks online, using an online calorie calculator, like this one.

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Do jumping jacks give you a flat stomach?

Doing jumping jacks regularly is a great way to reduce the stubborn fat from your waistline area. But is it give you a flat stomach, what experts say?

Only jumping jacks won't give you a flat stomach. To get a flat stomach, you have to lose your overall body weight, by following a calorie deficit. Then you have to exercise to tone and tighten your body. After that, you will get your dreamy flat stomach.

Spot reduction means to lose weight only a single part of your body is not medically approved, experts call it a myth. For losing weight, getting toned, and having a flat stomach you have to follow a good diet and lifestyle with regular exercises like jumping jacks.

Tip: Below in this article, you will get an exercise plan to lose 1 pound of body fat in a week. Keep reading.

How many jumping jacks a day should I do?

It depends on your fitness goal. For instance, if you want to lose 1 pound in a week, you have to shed at least 500 calories every day. But doing only jumping jacks to burn 500 calories is very tough work.

I mean if you burn 09 calories in a minute doing 50 jumping jacks. How much jumping will take you to burn 500 calories? The answer is 2778 Jumping jacks. It will take you a long time and be the cause of overuse issues like ankle pain, muscle injuries, and leg problems.

So it's recommended to do a set of exercises to burn those number of calories. You can easily combine jumping jacks with other effective cardio exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, and Russian twists to maximize your fat burning.

Morning is the best time to do exercise to lose weight and fat. Because with an empty stomach, your body can burn more calories and use fat to fuel the workouts. Not only it will help to lose weight and boost your mood. But also give you the energy to stay cheerful all day. So experts recommend doing exercise in the morning or the evening on an empty stomach. So, try it from today.

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How many jumping jacks a day to lose a pound?

If you want to lose your belly fat, the first thing you have to consider is your eating. High protein meals, low calories foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables help reduce hunger. So to lose weight or fat, first start a good diet, then do exercises.

So if you want to lose 1 pound of fat, how many jumping jacks you should have?

Burning 500 calories will lead lose 1 pound in a week. To do that you should have at least 2778 jumping jacks a day. The best way to achieve this goal is by doing jumping jacks with other high-calorie burning exercises. Running, high stepping, mountain climbers, and plank are the best exercises to do with jumping jacks.

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Will I lose weight if I do 100 jumping jacks a day?

If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. But doing 100 jumping jacks won't burn as many calories as you expect. Doing 100 jumping jacks a day can burn between 15-20 calories, which won't help you lose weight. 

Instead, if you are a beginner to lose weight. I recommend you burn just 500 calories daily, for 2-3 months. It will help you lose a solid 1 pound a week, and prepare you physically and mentally to burn more calories further.

Don't forget to eat a vegetable-friendly diet, with less sugar, salt, and carbs. After 3 months, you can burn more than 500 calories to lose more weight. So try this simple way to lose weight at home.

Best exercise plan to lose 1 pound a week

Goal: Lose 1 pound a week
Plan: Doing jumping jack with other cardio
Time: In the Morning and Afternoon
Duration: 20-30 Minute

  • Running 15 minutes (150 Cal)
  • Jumping jacks 5 min (45 Cal)
  • High steeping 4 min (40 Cal)
  • Mountain climbers 3 min (30 Cal)
  • Russian twist 3 min (30 Cal)
  • Plank 30 sec (5 Cal)
Morning calories burn= 300 Cal

  • Running 10 minutes (100 Cal)
  • Jumping jacks 3 min (35 Cal)
  • High steeping 3 min (30 Cal)
  • Russian twist 3 min (30 Cal)
  • Plank 30 sec (5 Cal)
Morning calories burn= 200 Cal

Total calories burn=(300+200)=500 Calories/day.

So, if you burn this 500 calories a day, in a week you will burn 3500, which is equal to 1 pound of body fat. That means you will lose 1 pound of fat every week.


Tip: Don't forget to do some warm-ups before exercises and stretches after the session. It will help you prevent injuries and stay safe while doing exercise.

The Conclusion

Doing jumping jacks is a great way to reduce belly fat and the extra weight that you have. But doing only jumping jacks won't give you the best results. You have to practice jumping jacks with other exercises.

At the same time, you have to maintain a diet that is vegetable friendly and high in protein, fiber, and nutrients. With both of these, you will get the real result, that you are expecting in your mind.

As stated above, losing weight is not equal for everyone. You can lose more or less than 1 pound a week. So, if you don't lose 1 pound after doing exercise a week, don't get me wrong. Practice all these tips, and you will definitely lose weight.

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